The Atari Sanction : Chapter 1 (fiction)

Detective Jake Rolly rubbed the sheet green-bar printer between his thumb and forefinger.  He sat back in his rolling chair, and pushed his feet against the footing of his desk, rolling himself back towards his office window.  As he rolled back, he closed his eyes, and tried to concentrate.  However, instead of processing the data on the print out,  His thoughts danced back and forth like a pong ball, between the horrible date he had the night before, and the pile of work that awaited him at his apartment.

However, Jake’s singular ability to focus, the same ability that kept him gainfully employed at the FBI, broke through the fog of distractions, and soon he put all other thoughts aside All that was left in his mind’s eye was the green-bar paper, and the information it contained.   It was a list of numbers each with 25 digits that continued down the page:

01,1 79,115,558,888 – 001 ,619 5,55 1,540

01,1 79,115,558,670 – 001 ,619 5,55 1,540

01,1 79,115,554,322 –001 ,619 5,55 1,540

Jake started going  through his checklist of items that were usually applied to large sets of numbers that were sent to the agency anonymously.  Jake  had seen this type of communication many times before.  Not this style of numbers exactly, but the idea was usually the same. In fact, the thought crossed his mind that the general public would be very surprised by the amount of anonymous data that filtered through his office on weekly basis.   The wealth of disgruntled employees, shafted business partners,  jilted wives, scorned girlfriends, and put-upon secretaries that had an ax to grind and evidence to provide was much larger than even he had ever imagined.  However, finding a way to correlate that data with real people who had committed real-world crimes was the hard part.  It was the reason the agency had created the O.A.T., the Office Of Anonymous Tips, with Jake as Manager, employee and sole member of the illustrious institution.

“Hmm, again,  these are phone numbers or bank routing numbers, these are not bank account numbers, nor are they Federal Reserve serial numbers” he mumbled to himself, “and why are the first 13 different and final 12 the same?”

Chapter needs to end with Russion phone numbers, but the other is a mystery.

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