Through The Looking Glass? : 6 Weeks Into My New Gig

So I’m now 6 weeks into my new gig working as a contractor for a game and technology company.  At this point, at my last gig, I was drowning in minutiae and had almost no options but to soldier on into oblivion.   No fault from either side, but the job was just not a good fit for me. It turned into a personal death march the likes of which I hope to never experience again: like having a gun held to my head while trying to fit together the pieces of several different puzzles  into a single, unified picture.

However, this new gig is much different.  Instead of only exercising a very small sample of my skill-set, the new company has embraced a huge portion of my abilities: Flash, HTML5, software development, team management, project management, game design, and even a bit of  production.

I’ve been put on a secret internal game project that will require careful attention if it is going to be successful.  While there are still many challenges to overcome, the nice part is that I have seen all of it before.  While working for Mattel, I was put in much the same position with projects, only this time I have even more leeway to help  mold the creative direction, which is very refreshing.

What does the future hold? I don’t really know.  I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past 7 months, and the intensity of the past 6 weeks has gone a good way to show me where my strengths really lie.  Am I through the looking glass yet though? At the point of no return? Is this just a stop-over or my final destination? All I can say is that my spirit has returned, and I’m feeling much better with every passing day.  In the grand scheme of things, what more could I ask for?



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