Atari 7800 Homebrew Carts Play time #1. Time Salvo, Baby Pac-Man, Froggie, Moon Cresta

Game play session using my AV Modded 7800 hooked up to a USB Capture device into Roxio software and then OBS Capturing that window. Sounds overly complicated? Yes, but it worked so I could add my crappy commentary over it.

I’m not sure if the the quality will take a hit because the file is very small compared to other camera captured videos. Notes” I think the 7800 is outputting double mono or I am getting some extra sound channel because some of the sound is doubled in places, but hey, It’s all a test, warts and all. Also I know the commentary drops out at some point but that’s a plus!


T:me Salvo
Baby Pac-Man
Froggie Moon
Moon Cresta

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