Atari 8bit prototypes No 1 Video

Video and text review: Atari 400/800/XL/XE Prototype Carts #1: Tower Toppler, Super Pac-man, Berzerk, Xenophobe

A selection of my Atari 8bit prototype cartridge collection, all of these games, with the possible exception of Xenophobe (at least in this form) are available to play from various download sites. Xenophobe on sale from Video 61/Atari Sales Games in this video:

1. Tower Toppler – A nice attempt to make this game in high resolution 8/10. There is some weird inertia in this game on some of the stairs (slipperly maybe) and I was not able to get by one of thr rocks to get out of the first tower. I’m looking for a way get to the next section, if it exists, which is a horizontal shooter under water.

2. Super Pac-Man – A Gem that we had in our llast year of having an 8-bit in the 80’a, 1986.9/10
I love this port. Perfection from Atari Inc (not Corp) and should have come out as a Cart.

3. Berzerk – Incredible translation. Very much like the 5200 version but with only a single difficulty mode – HARD! 9/10 This is really difficult. I’d rather play the 5200 to 8bit port so it can ramp up the difficulty, but this would have been a great addition to the 8-bit library.

4. Xenophobe – A very well done translation of the Arcade game to the 8bits. 10/10
Another excellent XEGS cart hat never was. This can be purchased from Video 61 / Atari sales. My cart was a gift from a friend with full box, full color label and instructions. This does NOT necessarily represent what the Video 61 / Atari Sales packaging will be, or if this is even the exact same version. I know they have the cart for sale with the original right purchaser receiving $5 per cart and he needs to make back $3000. So if you like this cart, please think about purchasing one.

Original Video Content recorded by 8bitrocket Studios on an Atari 800XL with RCA connection to a Lenovo Laptop.

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