Legacy of the Beast 2600

Legacy of the Beast Home brew for the Atari 2600 review and game play of the beta

Hi, this is 8bitrocket Jeff Fulton here, from the Intro the Vertical Blank, Generation Atari Podcast./ What you are witnessing in this video is:

Legacy of the Beast Home brew for the Atari 2600 is in beta form right now and it is a lovingly crafted tribute to the original Shadow of the Beast, with dare I say, more playability?

The version I was provided by the developer, aeriform, which can be found at aeriform.itch.io/beast is a 4K bin game image that can be run in emulators and on real hardware with a multicart. 

This version was recorded on my modded Atari 7800 using a Harmony Cart,  with RCA output to USB video capture device. It runs beautifully on real hardware. 

As you will see, the game does a great job replicating the look of the original as if it was released by Activision or one of the more polished VCS game companies in 1983. It has multi-colored smooth scrolling backgrounds to simulate the SOB background, large sprites to fight and avoid and an underground level that is filled with peril. 

There is no sound in the game yet, but in my interview with Aeriform, he said that sound and adding more to the levels, but keeping ion under 4k is his next goal. 

He has crafted the entire game so far in pure 6502 assembly and it and it shows. 

https://aeriform.itch.io/beast you can help donate to the cause to get this game created and it into cart form if possible. Right now he is just selling the rom file for whatever you would like to donate.

Go over and contribute a couple bucks and take a look. The final product should be excellent based on what I have seen so far. 


Twitter: @aeriflame

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