STE Upgraded Xenon 2

Xenon 2 Atari STE – 8bitchip HD Version with DMA Sound

Xenon 2 Mega Blast STE Version by DMA Samples Faster Game play

Update Version with Black background fixed. Long Play Capture if the first 4 levels of Xenon 2 for the ST with upgraded DMA sound using the ICD Hard Drive Version Captured directly from the STE as a test of Composite to HDMI test. The quality is pretty good, but not as good as a straight HDMI capture or an emulated capture. 8bitchip updated version

The 8bitchip Download Page

Xenon 2 is one of the best examples of the ST running at full power with no STE help. This new STE version runs seemingly faster and adds-in the ability to play sampled music, included in this is music from the Amiga version.

Review. A Must Play for any ST fan. 10/10

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