Number Crusher 7800 Homebrew Demo Videos #1 and #2

Of the several Atari 7800 homebrew games I’m working on, this one has started bubbling to the top. It’s inspired by th Atari VCS Cartridge “Street Racer”. I asked myself, what would have happened of Atari chose to upgrade and release some of their old VCS games on the 7800. The videos explain it all.

The game has evolved a bit from the first video when it was called Number Muncher. I changed the named after someone pointed out an Apple II game with the same name.

This second video shows the game evolving a bit to show what the basic mechanics will be for the game. 

The game uses bank-switching to support the graphical detail.
At first I thought using Bank-switching in a 7800 game would be a “technical” challenge. It’s not because 7800 Basic makes it very easy. It’s actually more of a resource management and code architecture challenge about having the right resource available when you need them.

I’m using the 128KRAM configuration which gives you 8 banks of 16K ROM, and. 16K extra RAM. The16K extra RAM. is used to expand the display list and hold level data loaded from the ROM banks.

Of the 8 ROM banks you have, bank 8 is always available, so you can stick GFX and code there that you will need across the game. You use the other 7 banks to hold sections of your game, calling across them using goto/gosub [bank]. It’s fascinating challenge to make it all work

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