Atari ST Games That Rocked the Hardware Vol 2

Atari ST Computer Games that Rocked the Hardware Vol 2

Atari ST Computer Games that Rocked the Hardware Vol 2

Atari ST Computer Games that Rocked the Hardware Vol 2

24 More great Atari ST(E) Arcade and Action games in no particular order. If you Missed Volume 1 , see it here: In this volume:

Game Designations * (Gathered from the information we have).
ST (8mhz) – Original game, running on plain old Atari STSTE (8mhz) – Original game Running in a mode for STE machines.
STE (Upgrade 8mhz) – The original game has been fixed by a genius to be enhanced for the STE after the original was released. 

1. Zool (STE 8mhz)

2. Wolfenstein 3D (STE 8mhz)

3. X-Out (ST 8mhz)

4. Xenon (ST 8mhz)

5. The Chaos Engine (STE 8mhz)

6. Crash Time Plumber (STE 8mhz)

7. Resolution 101 (ST 8mhz)

8. Stunt Car Racer (ST 8mhz)

9. Photon Storm (ST 8mhz)

10. Stardust (STE 8mhz)

11. Captain Dynamo (ST 8mhz)

12. Rainbow Islands (ST 8mhz)

13. Hoog (ST 8mhz)

14. Pacmania (STE Upgrade 8mhz)

15. Honda RVF (ST 8mhz)

16. Grid Runner (ST 8mhz)

17. Gold Runner (ST 8mhz)

18. Venus Fly Trap (STE 8mhz)

19. Turrican 2 (ST 8mhz)

20. Sideways (ST 8mhz)

21. No Buddies Land (STE 8mhz)

22. Scooby and Scrappy Doo (ST 8mhz)

23. Chronicles of Omega (STE 8mhz)

24. Xenon 2 (STE Upgrade 8mhz)

In this series we will explore all of the games that we feel kicked butt on the Atari ST and STE series of computers. Each game is given a small amount of time to make its case (about 30 seconds). Each video will cover about 20 – 30 games. Contrary to the belief of some gaming fans, there are A LOT of great arcade style games that have been produced for the Atari 16 bit computers from 1985 until 2020 (and beyond). This is an ongoing series that will pay homage to the best titles on the system a few at a time to keep the videos around 15 minutes each. *Note these videos are not intended to say these games were better on the ST then on your favorite system of choice (some were of course =) or are exclusives) but to demonstrate the great games that did come out for the ST machines that are mostly overlooked today. So yes, these videos are being produced with a chip firm planted on this Atari Fan boy’s shoulder. Thanks to Steve at Atari Crypt for suggesting great games to test and play. Don’t forget to visit us In the Vertical Blank at:

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