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Atari ST / STE and Mega STE Activision Game Reviews: Action / Arcade Games Episode 1

Atari ST/STE/MEGA STE Activison Game Reviews Episode 1

Atari ST / STE and  Mega STE  Activision Game Reviews: Action / Arcade Games Episode 1

Atari ST / STE (8mhz) and  Mega STE (16mhz)  Activision Game Reviews: Action / Arcade Games. In this series we will cover game play and capsule reviews and scores for  of Activison UK Arcade and Action Games 
Each game has been  played and reviewed in Hatari in Both STE (STE 8mhz TOS 1.62 or ST TOS 1.04 based on compatibility)  mode and Mega ST Mode (16mhz Tos 2.06). We have also reviewed upgraded STE versions also where available. 

  • After Burner (ST 8mhz) 50% – almost unplayable, good early attempt though
  • After Burner (Mega STE 16mhz): 55% – Becomes Playable, but still isn’t very good
  • Altered Beast (ST 8mhz) 65% :
    Really not a bad conversion at all for the time. 
  • Altered Beast (Mega STE  16mhz) –  70% – A little faster, a little better, more fun.
  • Atomic Robo-Kid (ST 8mhz) 70% Nicely done but too slow with a lot of objects on screen
  • Atomic Robo-Kid  (Mega STE  16mhz) – 80% – Turns this into quite a nice little blaster! 
  • Beast Busters (ST 8mhz) : 70% Good conversion, fun, but a little slow. 
  • Beast Busters  (Mega STE  16mhz): 80% – Maybe a little too fast, but this is how the game was meant to be played
  • Dragon Breed (ST 8MHZ) – 80% Nicely done. Difficult and a  little slow down when the screen is filled. An ST ROCKS video Candidate! Good music. 
  • Dragon Breed (Mega STE  16MHZ) – 85% Same basic game with no real slow downDynamite Dux (ST 8MHZ) – 75% well done arcade translation. Play area is very small
  • Dynamite Dux (Mega STE  16MHZ) – 80% – One of the most fun 1 or 2 player fighting scroller on the ST in this mode. 
  • Enduro Racer  (ST 8MHZ) – 60% – Not bad for the time. Plays fast, but control is not responsive, and UP  to accelerate sucks
  • Enduro Racer  (ST  at 16MHZ ) -67%  will not work on tos 2.06) – Speeds up the game nicely, but it is maybe a little too fast. Not too much better play-wise.  
  • Fighting Soccer (ST 8MHZ): 50% – Nice graphics and sounds. Player 1 uses stick 0. Looks nice, but a poor football game. 
  • Fighting Soccer (Mega STE  16MHZ): 55% – I was able to score this time. Slightly faster and more playable but still just mediocre football. 

Thanks to Steve at Atari Crypt for suggesting great games to test and play.

Also, Atarimania, 8bitchip, Dbug, and Atari Legend were indispensable for research and finding versions of these games to play.

Also, the video clip of F1 racing is playing on an Atari STE and is contained in the Intro Version by That video is credited to Fi Archives dot com. But I cannot find that site, so it might be absolved here:


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