Atari ST / STE Game Reviews

Our reviewsof Atari ST STE TT and Falcon Games

NameTypeYearOur Score
10 Frame (Access)

1943 (US Gold / Probe)Vertical Shooter198966%
3D Pool (Firebird / Aardvark)Pool198971%
5th Gear (Hewson / Microwish)Over Head Drive and shoot198960%
9 Lives (Ace / Atari / Frames)Arcade Platfrom Scroller199060%
AAARGH! (Melbourne House / Arcadia)Rampage 198966%
AbombinaBall (Martin Brownlow / ST Format)Arcade Puzzler199273%
Accelerator ( Demo- ST Action Disk 55)Racing - Overhead199264%
Ace Invaders (Budgie UK)Arcade - Space InvadersArcade - Space Invaders71%
Action Bughunt (Paul Vincent)Gauntlet199459%
Action Fighter (Core / Firebird)Arcade - Spy Hunter199059%
Adrenalynn (Exponentia / Loriciel)Future SportsUnknown80%
Alcon ST (Abersoft)Vertical Shooter198758%
Aquanaut (Fissionship / Addictive)Horzontal Scrolling Arcade198960%
Asteroids Deluxe (Paradox /Atari)Arcade - Asteroids198758%
Big Run (Storm / Sales Curve)Arcade Style Racing199276%
Bignose the caveman (Optimus / Codemasters)Arcade Scrolling Platfromer199378%
Billy Bounce (DBR / B.Ware)Arcade Puzzler198959%
Bobo Stir Crazy (Infogrames)Arcade - Mini Games198879%
Bold (Laurent Kermel) Horizontal Shooter200190%
Cadaver (Imageworks / Mirrorsoft/Bitmap Brothers / Renegade)Isometric Adventure199175%
Cabal (Ocean)Arcade Gun Shoot-em-Up 199076%
Caesar (Golden Sector / Impressions)Empire Strategy Game199268%
Dan Dare III (Probe / Virgin Mastertronic) Shoot-em-up Platformer199081%
Darius + (Softek / The Edge)Horizonal Shooter198964%
Dark Castle (Three-Sixty / Mirrorsoft)Arcade 198751%
Dark Century (Titus)Space Tank Death Match199059%
Impact (Audiogenic)Arcade - Arkanoid199070%