Nintendo Wii Flash Development

So we are just starting to experiment with Flash games designed specifically for the nintendo Wii.  I started this process on Dec. 24th, the day the Wii opera Browser was downloadable. That day I got the first version of Fireworks Blast ready to work on the Wii.  

Thge first thing I discovered was that the Wii Flash player is slow.  It only runs Flash 7 and below, which is fine for a Beta, but makes playing most modern Flash games very difficult.

The next thing I noticed is that the (A) button response on the Wii is not like a mouse click in any way.  The (A) button simply does not register every click.   It seems like the button needs to be completely pressed and then depressed before it will register a second click.  This means that most fast action games where the player fires rapidly are out too…for now

The 3rd observation I made is that the resolution displayed must be optimized to give your games the best look possible.  After searching a bit on the Internet, I found that the people at had found out that the best possible rosultion for Wii Games is 608×456.  However, 640 x 480 is supposed to scale properly as well.   I’m not sure if this is the same for 16×9 presentation.  I will have to research that.

That’s it for now.  We are just starting this section, but we hope to optimize as many games for Wii play as possible.



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