Wiicade Releases Wiimote/Flash API!

The fine people at wiicade have created an API for Flash that will allow programmers to test for ANY button press on the Wiimote!   The A,B,+,-,1,2, and the direction pad are all available, as well as the pointer from the Wiimote.   To test this API, I took one of my unposted Work In Progress games (code named “Base Shooter”) and retrofitted it to test for all buttons (except the direction pad) to shoot a bullet.   This is just a simple test, but it seems that it might be a very large step in the right direction for homebrew, indie, midnight, etc. developers who want to program simple games for Wii Consumption.  Base Shooter is really rough, but playable.   

The bad news about this is that, even though it uses the wiicade API, it can’t be played outside of Wiicade.com because their API has been specifically designed to work with their servers.   However, they patterned their API after information found here: http://www.quasimondo.com/archives/000638.php#000638 which means, with  little work, this could be used any where…

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