Dear John (err, I mean Final Fantasy)

Dear Final Fantasy ,

Final Fantasy , do you believe in love?  I hope you do, because I think then you can understand just what I have found. I have found true love and its’ name is Paper Mario. It is the perfect game. We’ve had some good times Final Fantasy, but do to recall those little things that always bothered me about you: your over-serious stories,  tired fantasy setting, and  all that spikey hair?  I overlooked them because I just wanted us to work out, you know? However, I can’t overlook them any longer. I have found the perfect game for me. What’s more, you know how you only ever really tolerated my kids, Final Fantasy.? How they liked you, but you did not always like them back? Paper Mario is not like you at all. It embraces my kids, and it loves them as much as they love it. Soon I will embrace my new true love, just like I did with you. . I will  try to discover its’ history, its’ present, its’ future, and just what it is thinking right now.  Please, no hard feeling Final Fantasy, I wish you the best.  Remember Final Fantasy , I do still care about you, and I hope we can still be friends.  Please remember Final Fantasy , it’s not you, it’s me.

Love always,

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