Opera Guide To The Wii Web Browser: Highlights

The Opera Web Site has posted an in-depth article on formatting web sites to work with the Wii.  

A few months back I was a bit disappointed in the Wii web broweser and wondered aloud how many people actually connect their Wii to the internet.   Well, I read a few days ago that the number is 40%.  Hmm, not too bad.   Maybe there is a future for the Wii and Flash.

Anyway, this new article might make me go back and re-think my negative position on the whole thing.  Below are few highlights from the article:

  • The Wii Opera Web Browser uses a “virtual resolution” of 800 pixels in width
  • You can have one “pop-up” window open at any one time.
  • wmode=”transparent” is not supported (not really a surprise)
  • The Wii processors has less than 1/2 of processing power of most desktop PCs (729 MHZ) and about 1/10 (88mb) the memory.  This means that games needs to be highly optimized to work well.
  • There are only two fonts available for HTML pages: Wii NTLG PGothic, and  Wii NTLG Gothic, which are virtually identical. 
  • Still only Flash 7 is supported

There is a lot more information on the Opera site that you should dead and digest fully.  The situation is not dire, but it certainly not ideal either.  If you want to target Wii users, especially with games, you are going to have to make a lot of design sacrafices. 


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