Commercial Gaming Sites Start Adding Wii Browser Game Support

Most internet savvy Wii owners know that the instant start-up, has been around as long as the Wii has been around, offering simple to semi-complex games designed to work well with the Wii opera browser. However, is not the only site that has games targeted for the Wii Opera Browser. We at have been doing it since the the day the browser was released in December, and many of the biggest gaming sites on the internet are now starting to add support for the Wii Browser to their already robust web gaming offerings.

This week, announced that they would be specifically targeting Wii Opera browser users with a selection of new games coming soon. However, there are several sites well-known sites that have already been providing Wii opera Browser support for many months now., one of the first and most diverse gaming sites on the internet has surreptitiously added Wii Browser support. You can’t find anything about it on the homepage, but if you try this url: will find a nice little selection of games that work well on the Wii Browser. Up and coming web games site has done something similar as well.

This can only mean good things for indie web game developers that are targeting their games for the Wii Browser. The more mainstream the support gets, the better the chance that your games will be seen and played, and the better chance you might someday see some kind of compensation for your work. No promises though.

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