My Second Sploder Game: Sploder Pac-Man

For my second Sploder game, I decided to try to make something that was not necessarilly a full-on shooter.  Since Sploder has a “collectible” object, I decided to try to create a game as close to Pac-Man as possible.  The result is below.
As you can see, while shooters are easy to make with Sploder, something a bit different is not quite so easy.  It’s not too hard to create a maze (using the Polygon objects for the walls on a rectangular playfield), and you can use the “invincibility” power-up for “power pills”.   However, that is as close as you can get.   You do not have the ability to “turn off” shooting for the player, and the enemies all seem to be “line of sight”, so they do not roam freely around the maze.  Still, with a few tweaks to the engine, all of these things would be possible…and that will be the power of Sploder.    As regular people make games and stretch its limits,  the designers of sploder can see limitations that they had not considered. They can add functionality at will, allow more and more types of games to be created and expand Sploder into new and different areas.  If sploder plays their cards right, they could really be onto something here.  Now, excuse me as I go design another game…

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