Required Reading: Classic Computer Magazine Archive

Class Computer Magazine Museum

The Classic Computer Magazine Archive ( boasts several complete or nearly complete magazine archives, mostly from the 1980’s. The archive concentrates on Atari Computer magazines. It was once called (and still holds that particular URL). However, it now contains archives for other magazines as well, including a very comprehensive archive of Compute!, the best multi-system computer magazine ever published . Nearly all the magazines are in HTML format, making it very easy to search and find articles that might be of interest. Currently the archive boasts the following collections:

In case you are wondering why you would want to read these old magazines (besides the obvious reasons like: “they are awesome”), there are many classic reviews and interviews to be had within these pages. Mostly, the “back-in-the-day” writing style is both matter-of-fact, and charming. Many of these magazines have BASIC and ASSEMBLY program listings that you can use with Atari, Apple and Commodore emulators to further explore these old systems. However, what is most interesting about these magazines is the sense of “place” they create for a by-gone era. The sense of awe and importance placed on nearly every new release and breakthrough is both refreshing and depressing. Refreshing because it is great to read authors who truly enjoyed and were fascinated with computing as hobby. Depressing because you can see this “era of discovery” disappearing with each successive issue.

Some notable reviews of Atari 8-bit and 16-bit computer games in the archive:

Notable interviews with famous computer and game development icons of the era::


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