Wii.HotWheels.com Arena Launches! Includes Multi-player Game For Wii Opera Users

Over at http://www.hotwheels.com they have just launched the Wii Arena (http://wii.hotwheels.com), a section of the site dedicated to users coming to the site with the Wii Opera Browser.  Among the games offered (including simplified version of very popular TrackMod Game) is the brand new Multi-Player on-line Collectible Card Racing Game: Finish Line.  

Finish Line was optimized for Flash 7, and it allows users of the Wii-Opera Browser to play against players on other systems and browsers that support Flash.  In the game, you play cards to move down the track and drop hazards against your opponent, in an attempt to be the first player to travel 1000 miles.  The game features multiple terrains and bonuses that figure prominently into the strategy of the game play.   Winning a game nets you additional cards that can be used to in your next game and help send you up the high-score list.

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