8bitrocket.com Finally Gets An Alexa.com Ranking!

I know that Alexa.com is not the best source for traffic rankings (hey, neither is Neilson, so there!), but I just wanted to share a bit of info about 8bitrocket.com’s traffic ranking.    Obviously we are not a “destination” site, and our appeal is limited to web game devs and old school nerds, and people looking to play some simple and addictive games, but it’s still nice to know that people come here. 

Anyway, for the first time since last December, we now actually show-up on Alexa .  Sure the ranking 587, 465 but we jumped 553, 173 places in the past month.  I’m not even really sure what this ranking means.  For instance, the site www.thealarm.com, that has 3 times the traffic of 8bitrocket.com (via Google Analytics), has an Alexa ranking of 900,7044 (lower is better).  Apparently this is because the traffic 8bitrocket.com gets is more “Alexa Friendly”. Whatever it means, it’s nice to see some kind of improvement.

Obviously we have a long way to go towards world domination (and a few site redesigns away too!) but this is just a small confirmation that content is king, so we will continue to write and build it, and hope you enjoy it.


Steve Fulton

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