10 Lines Of Silence For Evel Knievel

The legend of my childhood, Evel Knievel died today at the age of 69.  Sure, he has not had the highest profile for past 30 or so years, and sure he did beat that journalist with a baseball bat, but he was also the biggest hero many of us kids in the 70’s had.  The dude jumped STOCK motorcycles (not pansy-ass titanium foo-foo bikes) over all sorts of stuff, and broke 100’s of bones all in the name of spectacle.   He was crazy, but he was all we had and we loved him.  

The game above, “Stunt Cycle” was made by Atari in 1976.  It was one of my favorite arcade games as a kid.   It was not an “official” Evel Knievel license, but it was obviously inspired by him, and the handle-bar controller was the coolest thing in the arcade at the time.  There has never really been  a good game based on Evel’s exploits since.   Maybe now someone will take the time and care to create one.

Rest In Peace Mr. Evel. We will miss you. 

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