8bitrocket.com One Year Anniversary

Our one year anniversary has come and gone, and I just wanted to mark the occasion with a list of the significant stats for our humble little retro game programming and appreciation site.

From December 14 2006 until Dec 14 2007:

1. Page Views: 129,911

2.Visits: 64,702

3. Alexa Ranking: 512,183

4. Mochibot Viral Game Stats
Retro Blaster: Views 187,082 Total Hosts: 170
Space Eggs: Views 36,227 Total Hosts: 49
Free Jigsaw: views 10,509 Total Hosts: 8
Free Fireworks views: 1,266 Total Hosts: 6

5. Blog Entries: 118 (we need more of these in 2008).

We hope to double those stats in 2008 and maybe even make a buck or two off of game licenses to offset hosting costs, etc. All of our games are available for non exclusive licenses for a very reasonable cost. That includes taking out our ads, removing links back to our site (if necessary), url locking to your site, and swf encrypting (for AS 2 games at least). If you are interested, please contact us as info[at]8bitrocket.com (replace [at] with @ of course).

Here’s to a great 2008. Happy Christmas, Merry new Year, don’t eat too much, don’t drink too much, don’t do too many things you will regret the next day (well none that your friends will remember anyway).

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