To Coin A Phrase?

It looks like Jeff’s blog yesterday about being a “Mid-Core” gamer has struck a chord with a few people.  We had one of our best days ever yesterday (traffic-wise) and we got some good placements on sites like, and  Some people even seem to like the new moniker and have taken to using it to describe themselves.  Pretty cool actually.  

Will Mid-Core actually live on as an actual coined-phrase?  Maybe, maybe not.  We received a few emails from people who thought “Soft-Core” would be a better term, but, honestly, we don’t think so.  Soft Core has too many connotations beyond gaming, and, honestly, neither Jeff or I can imagine using that term in mixed company to describe our gaming habits without cringing in embarrassment.

Anyway, if the the phase “Mid-Core” gets any more traction, we might have to add the words “Home of the Mid-Core Gamer” to our logo…hmm…


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