Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up : Feb 7, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest to Flash game developers.

Scott Jeppesen, a friend, and recent new hire at Electrotank, has created an awesome logging tool for Flash CS3 and Flex in AIR. In his blog entry, he describes some of the cool features such as the ability to filter log messages by the logger instance -so if you have multiple apps running, you can just see log messages from the one you are interested in.

On the GamingYourWay blog, Squize has a new series of diary entries on his latest game – a Valentines Day themed platformer. If you are interested in a peak at the game development process from a seasoned, consummate pro, check this out.

Mochiland has posted the latest in Steve’s (8bitrocket’s very own Steve) series on making an object oriented shooter in AS3.

Make it big in games has a new feature on 80 Ways to Add Community Features In Games. This is not NEW, but it is relatively recent and very much worth a read.

GameProducer.net has a very interesting feature on To Clone or Not To Clone. It discusses the time honored decision of how much to innovate when trying to create a game.

Venture Beat has a new article called Four startups talk about making casual games work

20 Tutorials To Create Your Own Flash Game is a new entry on the dezinerfolio.com site. This is a very nice resource for the beginning, novice, and even intermediate Flash Game designer/programmer.

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