Mid-CoreGamer.com Update, Mid-Core Manifesto 1.3, Mid-Core Gamer Review Format

We have been working feverishly to get our support for the Mid-Core community launched.  We have received tons of feedback, and we have been altering our udeas and plans accordingly. 

First off, the initial version of http://www.midcoregamer.com is up.  It is still very basic, but the shell is there, and we wil lcontinue to work on it.

Also version the Midcore Manifesto (version 1.3) is now available in the Wiki.  We have combined two of the items, to round it back to ten.  Alsom we have added some axioms that are more-like guidelines to what it means to be a Mid-Core gamer.

Finally, we have created the 1.0 Spec of the Mid-Core Gamer Game Review Format.  This is our unique style for reviewing games based on the Mid-Core Manifesto.  We hope that this format will help people who consider themselves “Mid-Core” to find games that will appeal to them.

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