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Bookworm Adventures


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    Game Play:
    A serious update to the Pop Cap classic Bookworm Deluxe. Fight monsters by creating words from a grid of 16 letter tiles. Play through three separate books and several mini-games. Collect experience to gain levels and increase your health and attack power. Use crystal tiles to increase your attacks. After you finish each quest, you receive a special item that can be used to gain bonuses in your attack or defense. Unlike the original Bookworm game, letters do not have to be touching to be used to form a word. A seemingly simple concept that is, in reality, insanely addictive.
    The game includes a thin, but welcome story to ties together the increasingly difficult set of word battles. Letters do not seem to arrive in a completely random manner, which helps make the player feel like they are in control. Creating extra-long words that bash enemies to smithereens might be the best use of 6th grade vocabulary words ever devised.
    Save Anywhere/Respect Our Time:
  • Perfect. The player can quit the game at any time, and the their progress will be saved. Battles last about 2-5 minutes, with a full level lasting 10-15 minutes. You can extract some satisfaction from this game no matter how much time you have to play it.


    Games Should be Affordable:
    $19.95 is an absolute steal.


    Reasonable Graphic Choices:
    Graphics and sound are nice and serve the game well. Sounds and special FX are satisfying and should not tax any video card.

    Single Player Games:
    This is primarily a single player game, although you might find others huddling around the computer trying to help you form words.

    Cooperative Games On One Screen:

    Multi-player Games
    N/A . A head-to-head mode would have been a nice addition


    Casual Games Don’t Have To Be Simple Games:
    Bookworm Deluxe was watershed moment for "casual games" that required real brain-power to complete. Bookworm Adventures takes the concepts of the earlier game and expands them into a deeply addictive contest.

    Size Does Not Matter
    Very small footprint:. 43MB of hard drive space required. A perfect example of a quality game with almost no bloat.
    No need to be mature for the sake of being mature:
    Some of enemies are a bit scary, but nothing that would keep the family or your non-geek girlfriend/boyfriend away

    Yes To One-Time Fees, Rarely To Monthly Fees:
    Pay once, but no options to update with more levels.


    Final Mid-Core Gamer Score:

    One of the best Mid-Core game available for the PC


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