Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up : Feb. 14, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

On GamingYourWay.com, Squize has finished his latest commercial game – a Rainbow Islands (at least to me) inspired platformer with a Valentines Day theme. Leading up to the release, he has a series of blog entries detailing the development. It is some interesting reading.

Mochiland has the story of Will Hankins’s Filler, a game that to me seems inspired by the classic Qix, but with ball physics. Basically, the article details how Will agonized over taking one of a few Exclusive offers for his game, but finally chose to go the non-exclusive route and made much more money. It is a good read, and very important for those of us that don’t want to feel pressure to give up our own developed IP to someone at a very low (most of the times insulting) excusive offer price. You will read that Will did get some non-insulting offers, but most of us have received dreg offers for games we have worked countless hours on. If more people follow Will’s lessons, maybe the market rate for good games will go up to a deserving rate rather than drop to an even more embarrassing level than today.

We, at 8bitrocket have released the third part of the multi-part lesson on creating an Asteroids game in AS3. In this part I show how to use a sprite sheet to animate missile animations to a single BitmapData canvas.

Jess Hansen has the first part of what might prove to be a very nice set of tutorials for Flash Game developers called, Common Flash game programming challenges, part 1: Rotation with radius. It covers the topic of how to use AS3 to create a moon style object rotate around another object. He goes on to create a game that is similar to some of the 2D Super Mario Galaxy clones being developed right now. This is a great tutorial! His blog is pretty new, but promising. Here is a link to his first game is a physics based puzzled called Minelink.

Real World Software Development has the interesting take on why Silverlight and Microsoft will dominate the Internet.

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