8bitrocket.com Blog Comments Engine (Beta)

So, if you didn’t know, we at 8bitrocket.com are very stubborn.  When we started this site we wanted to write all the software ourselves, which meant that many “standard” features of normal sites were left TBD.  One of the major thing missing from our blog engine was the ability to leave comments.  We added a forum, but  it seems that forums are just too difficult for some people to use.  Anyway, we planned to add comments for many months, but last Friday I sat down to actually try to build our own. 

I finished the first version of the comments engine tonight.  It is still very basic.  You must validate your email address before your comments are displayed, but you only have to do this once.  After that, you can feel free to flame-away at all our insipid posts.

Anyway, please try the new comments (below) engine, and tell us if you find any problems or would like to see any features. 

And yeah, I know, we are a bit late on this.  Welcome to 2005, 8bitrocket.com.

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