Mid-Core Gamer Spreads Across The Web

As the usage of the term “Mid-core Gamer” continues to spread across the web, we will periodically update you on its impact. Here is a list of interesting stories and links to internet chatter about “Mid-core Gamers”

The most interesting find this week was at the 2PStart Comic Strip Podcast.


Earlier this week they devoted the first part of their discussion to Mid-Core and whether the idea should or should exist.

Another very interesting trend is the proliferation of new blogs that are adopting the name Mid-Core. A couple examples are http://midcoregamer.wordpress.com/ that has taken the name to heart and Seanbajuice who started to publish Mid-core game reviews.

On the negative side, the Guardian in the UK thinks that the term might simply adopted by marketers:

“Marketeers probably call them midcore or something, but if Sony can tap into this market then they may be on to something.”

While Attack Of The Chris says:

Either way, labels suck.”

However, others are a bit warmer to the subject of Mid-core Gamers. Waiting in Transit’ simply says

“Well’ which one are you? 8bitrocket has made a manifesto and the term ‘mid-core gamer. For people like me who aren’t hard core into gaming, but aren’t exactly casual either'”

Still others have taken the idea to heart. WFMU’s Beware Of The Blog says:

“That’s why I was very excited to read about a newly defined (I think) and hopefully expanding class of humans: midcore gamers.  There’s a definition of what one is, but I think this is a class of people who will only to be able to identify themselves once they’re in it.  If you’re sub-midcore, you’re a n00b.  If you’re more than midcore, you’re Otaku.  Perhaps the most important thing about midcore for me is that it allows one to be comfortable with who they really are: an enlightened observer.  They can extract giddy pleasure from watching n00bs wrap their smooth palms around a Wiimote for the first time, and have visions of them one day joining the midcore ranks.  Perhaps more importantly, though, they can look at Otaku with a sense of incalculable awe mixed with projected embarrassment.  Midcore gamers can comfortably spend 10 – 15  hours a week practicing solos in Rock Band (ok, maybe 24 or 48 hours if things are slow at work), but you’ll never find them having to choose between their consoles and their lovers.  Or their consoles and their apartment.  Or their consoles and their dinner.”

While speeple reports

“Filed under: Culture, Casual Plenty of gamers are often stuck between the definitions of “casual” and “hardcore.” They care too much to be the former, and yet they don’t care enough to be the latter. If you’re one of them, and yearning for your own defining category, then worry no more. You might just be a mid-core gamer.”

And there you have it. A round-up of some of the current thoughts about our humble little phrase “Mid-Core Gamer”. We’ll be back with another report as soon as we can scrape enough content to make an interesting post.

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