Destructoid: The Myth Of Casual Gaming = Midcore?

Jim Sterling over at Destructoid has written a very insightful blog about The Myth Of Casual Gaming .  Jim writes:

The truth of the matter is that the hardcore/casual divide is little more than a myth, and the companies that are so desperate to secure themselves a casual demographic are doing little else than chasing rainbows.

Jim seems to be covering some of the same ground that Jeff covered in his original blog about Midcore gamers.  However, I don’t think Jim would agree to any term to describe his feelings, especially one thought-up by a little dev blog like    Still it seems that the idea of there being a majority of gamers that are not described by the terms Casual or Hardcore, abut are simply gamers that want some logical features added to their games  is a growing idea, even if the list of features is a moving target.

We will continue to cover this “idea” using the term Midcore, because we like it and it seems appropriate, but when someone as insightful as Jim has thoughts along similar lines, we will support those as well, even if that same person might not support us.   Thne import part is to spread care about the the concept of “Midcore” in whatever form it might take, not simply to advertise a moniker.

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