Midcoregamer.com Midcore RSS Aggregation Features

Midcoregamer.com has been scouring the web for the past few weeks to locate blogs that are relevant to the Midcore audience.  We found an increasing number of homegrown bloggers that have taken the concept of  the “midcore gamer” (as well has other like designations) to heart and have decided to collect their respective RSS feeds on our home page.  Now you can find out the current state of the “Midcore World” with  one look at http://www.midcoregamer.com.   Some of the blogs we are now featuring include:

  • Seanbajuice – Mid-Core Gamer Reviews and Tech News
  • Hardcore Casual
  • Hardcasual
  • CasualHardcore

As well, we have added feeds for some other like-minded sites that are not necessarily “mid-core”

  • Gaming With Children
  • GAMEparent
  • Armchair Arcade

You can read all the latest blog entries from this growing segment of the blogosphere by visiting http://www.midcoregamer.com.

Also, if you have know of another like-minded blog, or would like us to review your own blog to see if it would be appropriate for the home page of midcoregamer.com, please leave a message below, or email us at info@8bitrocket.com

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