Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up : April 11, 2008

Interactive Crap, Nate (fellow Flash game head, and 8bitrocket friend) has a new series of posts on different rendering tests in AS3. Vector Quality vs. Bitmap Data Quality, Converting Vector to Bitmap Data, and Flash Vector Animation Benchmarks.

Game Poetry has a very good entry on time based v. frame based code. Unlike my recent post on Game Loop Timing with an Active Sleep Timer (among other optimizations), his is based on using the distance = speed * time calculations to keep objects moving at the same speed no matter what the frame rate happens to be. I have seen this discussed else where, but this article includes some nice examples to get you started.

Moving to more conceptual game design topics, http://yayitsandrew.com/ has a thought provoking piece on the use of doors in game design.

Christopher J. Rock of sokay.net has an unusual list of books that can be used for game inspiration ideas.

A long, but interesting read and perspective on casual games can be found at gamasutra, called The Casual Games Manifesto . Written by Daniel Cook from http://www.lostgarden.com/, he details how Casual game developers can (and must) adapt to the NEW middle men (game purchase portals) who get (and keep hidden) the customer data, the customer base, and repeat visits and sales. The game developers get a quick buck, but no long lasting benefit for their investment. This sounds EXACTLY like the problems facing Flash Game Developers who give up their games too quickly to iron clad exclusive license deals with no back-end possibilities.

Mochiland (the best friend of all Flash game developers) has a great new article called Real 3D in Flash: Directional Movement. Written by Dylan Jones (is there a more Welsh name than that?) from http://www.griffilms.com/, it details how to move, scale, and render particles in 3d space.

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