Chris Crawford Re-Making Balance Of Power For Storytron

The Chris Crawford spearheaded “Interactive Storytelling” authoring/publishing/playing toolset, Storytron is nearing completion. The new web site launched a few days ago, and the new blog contained a tantalizing bit of information. Chris Crawford is re-making his classic PC/Mac geo-political pot-boiler, Balance Of Power using the toolset.

Here is a quote from the blog:

“Now, while Chris hunkers down in Casa Crawford, nearing completion on Balance of Power, the rest of us have two main priorities. First, we are improving and expanding our BBS registration-login function. In tandem with this, we are devising a privacy policy, which will (a) tell you how we’ll protect the data you share with us from spammers, scammers, pirates, scalawags, and ne’er-do-wells, and (b) build the systems that actually do the protecting. ”

What’s more, it seems that Balance Of Power will be one of two initial, free games for the Storytron Interactive Storytelling system.  The Publisher’s FAQ has this to say:

“Our first two showcase products, Balance of Power: 21st Century by Chris Crawford, and a second storyworld currently in development by science fiction author Laura J. Mixon, will be free to all comers. “

To me, this appears to be a brilliant move.  What better way to get people interested in a new system than to re-make one of your classic games, and give it away for free?

By the way, Storyton has a free authoring tool that developers can download and start using right away. Finished stories can be uploaded and played on, and will compensated with a rev share subscription or advertising model.

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