8bitrocket diatribe 5/13/2008

There haven’t been any tutorials, retro articles, mash-ups or the like for a fews days because we are busy working on some projects. We have some cool stuff in the wings. Steve is working on a very long retro gaming history article for a popular site and I am working on an exclusive game for popular portal. Normally we would have squeezed in some new stuff in the last few days, but with Mothers’ day and some other things going on, we didn’t have the time.

Oh yeah, one more thing…This is being typed up on a new iMac.

An All Apple Family
My wife and  I have finally taken the plunge and now only have Apple computers in the house. The Fiasco that is Vista, combined with Microsoft’s insistence on getting rid of the good old work horse, XP has almost forced my hand. I have not completely abandoned the WinTel platform, as I have purchased a copy of Parallels 3.0 so I can still use Sony Acid, Flash Develop, Music Maker, and a few other pieces of software. The shear elegance that is my new iMac is very difficult to explain, so I won’t even try to convert anyone. Let’s just say that in 1992, when work and school needs forced me to abandon my Atari ST and get the 386DX 40, I was crushed. I enjoyed the new platform, but it just wasn’t the same as the elegant Atari machine. I finally have the feeling again, and it is difficult to describe – I guess call it pure joy at using a computer. I will say though, that this new iMac is probably the best computer I have ever used, and leave it at that.

New Game
I am working on an exclusive  game for a portal that uses the Pumpkin Man engine as its base. I have added significantly to it though, and the number of hours I have put in making changes and additions will be well spent when I use the new, revised engine in a game that hopefully will be a GameJacket exclusive. I still love Mochi, and will make a separate game for them also, but I the GameJacket team is very good and dedicated to helping Flash devs make cash off of their creations. Competition is grand, and without Mochi paving the way, there would probably not be a GameJacket.  I will continue to use them both for as long as they are around.   I need to finish this new game up this week, and the portal has been ever so patient as I revise and re-work my engine to fit in some new game play patterns and features, But, enough is  enough, and I plan to finish all of the levels this week, and only have cosmetic changes to apply for a delivery date of next week.

Up Coming Stuff @ 8bitrocket
Planned upcoming tutorials : Gamejacket implementation, AS3 Sound Manager, AS3 Game Blit basics.
Planned Features: The http://www.flashmusicarchive.com site will go live soon. At the moment is contains a few songs that Steve and I did as individual and various collaborative teams. We plan to have a huge amount of free music and sound for game creators in medium quality, and the ability for those who need them to purchase the highest quality version for use in commercial/personal projects.  All of the media is under the value added license. This means you can use the free or purchased sounds an music in a new commercial or personal creation that ads value to the original. You cannot simply sell what you downaload as your own.  Most of the people visiting this site will certainly be adding value to what they download.

Managementsucks.com – We will revive an older site that we had up in 2002. It will contain games and other funny media / blogs about trying to survive in the corporate world.
Retrohello.com – We will also revive this older IP that focused on retro games and history.

We have a lot planned, and please no emails or messages that simply call me GAY for buying an Apple rig. We’re passed that as a society, are we not?

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