Bratney Escape the Madness

You are Bratney, a spoiled party-girl ex-star, with 2 babies, an annoying ex-husband, and a gang of paparazzi chasing you down at every corner. You are tasked with keeping Bratney’s bank account full by collecting the hearts of her fans and any cash left laying around. You are chased by a trio of increasingly more vicious paparazzi types, culminating in the fastest, most blood thirsty: a boyfriend wanna-be. Also in our hero’s way are her ex-husband who will latch on to her and steal money from her account until she listens to his latest CD. She will also need to contend with he two dear babies, who will slow her down until she finds a wad of cash to pay the baby sitter.

Bratney must run the streets of her home town, through hotel ballrooms, rehab clinics, convenience stores, clubs, and more to find the restraining order on each level. This restraining order will temporarily get rid of the paparazzi. At her disposal are a host of other power-ups. These include coffee and cigarettes that will give her the power to chase the paparazzi and hunt them down, an umbrella that will scare and freeze them in place, a couple different disguises that will protect her and leave the paps wondering where she went. There are also other collectibles that will give me extra money and bonus multipliers.

The game levels puzzles are built with a collection of doors / keys, and transporter / receiver combinations that must be navigated in order to complete each level. There are multiple ways complete each level.

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