Doublestuff! Mid-Year Stats Report

Back in December we looked at our 2007 stats. We had just reached our first milestone by getting an ranking and we were so excited we posted our final traffic for the year. Here is a summary of that post:

From December 14 2006 until Dec 14 2007:

1. Page Views: 129,911 (Google Analytics) 606,182 (Web logs)

2.Visits: 64,702,(Google Analytics) 262,880 (Web logs)

3. Alexa Ranking: 512,183

4. Mochibot Viral Game Stats
Retro Blaster: Views 187,082 Total Hosts: 170
Space Eggs: Views 36,227 Total Hosts: 49
Free Jigsaw: views 10,509 Total Hosts: 8
Free Fireworks views: 1,266 Total Hosts: 6

5. Blog Entries: 118 (we need more of these in 2008).

Well, it turns out that 2008 has been already been quite a year for We launched 4 new games, hit it big in January (for a couple days anyway) when we coined the phrase Midcore gamer , got featured on the front of Digg when we posted about how easy it was to use Goozex and basically, after getting a bit side-tracked, have started to focus this site on Flash games, game programming, tutorials, and game history. We have even started a our own little portal of sorts to highlight retro Flash games and work related Flash games (when we can find them).

So, in just 1/2 the time (1/2 year)we have nearly doubled our 2007 numbers in every category. In most cases. more than doubled.

1. Alexa Ranking: 235,956 (Still not under 100,000 but much better than I ciuld have imagined)

2. Page views: 290,612 (Google analytics), 1,806,923 (Web logs)

3. Visits: 151,112 (Google analytics), 554,765 (Web logs)

4. Mochibot viral game stats

Pumpkinman: 557,821 plays

Mission Leprechaun: 340,600 plays

Home Computer Wars: 17,284 plays

Bratney Escape The Madness: 107, 819 plays

plus 100,000’s of more plays for both Retro Blaster and Space Eggs.

5. Blog Entries: 141

Even though we are still not any kind of major player in anything, we are still ecstatic with our results. Since we don’t advertise this site any where, we rely on the viral web community for 100% of our traffic. We are happy to say that the community has been very kind to us and has responded to our material in a very positive way. We have some great friends out here. Here are links to many of the ones who have posted our RSS feeds, news, blogs, games and other madness in the first 1/2 of 2008. Thanks everyone!

Here are links to some of these good friends (sorry if i missed you):


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