Dispatches From A Transient Programmer #1: The Move

I believe that crime stories in the local newspaper are written in way to make the reader feel more comfortable about their surroundings, no matter how awful the story, so that people will stay put and continue to buy newspapers. A good example of this is the use of the word “transient”. Sometimes I will read story about, for example, someone being stabbed on the street. “Oh my Lord, how awful” I think, but as read further, I see that the the author of the story describes the victim as a “transient”, and I feel a sense of relief. “Oh, well, that’s *not* me, only transients get stabbed on the street.” You see Transients are bad news. They don’t live any where in particular, at least not in your town, or they are just passing through. There is almost a sense that they deserve what they got because the word transient just sounds so negative. I bring this up because I, and my family have become transients. We are the enemy of society.

Let me explain. We decided to buy a new house a couple months back. We were running out of space for our 3 girls, and out of patience with our neighbors. We found a new house about 1 mile away, put in an offer, and things started rolling. Soon, our house was on the market and we sold it much quicker than we anticipated. The sellers of the house we were buying needed a long escrow, and when everything was said and done, we ended up with a 25 days between when we had to be out of our house, and into a new one. We now have a gap in our living arrangements and the world is simply not set-up for these kinds of gaps. We are now living in a hotel, and are in effect, transients…for the month of July. On the good side, we have no wired phone, gas, electric, water, cable, internet, long distance, or home security bills. We get free breakfast daily, and a access to a pool daily. On the other hand, I’m so used the cushy life of having a “home” that adjusting is very difficult. For instance, where do I have mail sent? My Goozex habit on hold. The Wii will not connect through the hotel Wifi, so no WiiConnect24. As well, hotel internet access is slow and it’s not encrypted. I can’t really do any late-night programming work without waking anyone up. Also, the TV channel section in the room is terrible. With no Disney Channel or Food Network our family’s TV habit will be severely hampered. I did locate some of the Disney Channel shows on the Disney XD web site, but so far I have not found any way to watch the Food Network online. Who got kicked out on “The Next Food Network Star” last night? F*ck if I know.

Anyway, this is the first dispatch from the transient programmer. I’ll have more inside information from the outskirts of society as it becomes available.

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