Flash Retro Game Showcase #7: July 15 2008

Steve has been collecting a decent back log of well made retro games, but has not had a chance to add them to the showcase in a couple weeks.  To help him out a little, I have chosen 5 new deserving entries into our showcase.


First up is a game by Squize that we have been trying to add to the site for a few weeks. We finally got rid of our UFO embed (as it had a conflict with .net as implemented by us) and are using a straight embed. In any case,  MJ1912 is a fun Space Invaders clone.

This is what the Bitmap Bros would have done in the 80’s if given the Amiga Space Invaders License. This fun, well done version hits the spot when you want a little shootin’ action.

Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars

Aliens must die is Geometry Wars meets Missile Command and Asteroids. Kill all of the aliens, pick up power-ups and kick some butt! Your fetching side-kick, Annie, will give you all the help you need!


This is a very well done Arkanoid / Breakout clone. The sounds are perfect, and its brilliantly retro in every way possible. It even employs a password mechanism for starting over at levels you have passed. This gem has 16-bit Genesis written ALL OVER! Great game!

Earth Invaders

Earth Invaders is a good 1941 style scrolling shooter. The graphics and animation are well done. You only get one ship, so you better be careful because there is a lot of enemy ordinance flying at you on the screen.

Clash N Slash: Worlds Away

This is a very professional looking and well made game. First you choose a hero, then get ready for a brightly colored, fun earth defense style game. It is not unlike Aliens Must Die. There is a full version that can be purchased.

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