8bitrocket Royalty Free Music And Sound Loops Beta!

We just put live a new section here at 8bitrocket.com. The Music Section has been transformed into a place to listen to and download looping music files and sound effects for use in your Flash Games. The beta currently has only about 45 of the 100’s we will have for offer shortly. All files are 11khz mono 8-bit wav formatted files and we are offering them under the Creative Commons and 8bitrocket Value Added Licenses.

The Creative Commons Attribution license basically states that you are free to use the sounds and music in a work (commercial or non commercial) as long as you give 8bitrocket.com credit and provide a link back to our site. The 8bitrocket Value Added License is an addendum to the Creative Commons Attribution License and it allows the dowloader to use the 11khz files in any work they deem fit as long as that work in not simply a collection of music loops re-packaged for sale or even for free. The work must be creative in nature and add value to the music loop in some way.

If you would like a higher quality 44khz 16 bit stereo version of any loop, follow the download link for the loop you are interested in and you can request to purchase a 1 time commercial non-attribution license or an unlimited use non-attribution license. This means if you want to use some of our sounds or music in a game, but cannot provide credit and a link back to our site, you have the ability to purchase a license that will allow you to use the files without giving us credit. These commercial license files are CD quality to boot.

We will be adding much more content in the coming weeks, but you can check out what we have so far. I have written the section in standards compliant Javascript, CSS, and DHTML, so it may have some bugs in certain browsers (IE 7?). That’s way it’s still a beta. Also, the DHTML used to play the sounds doesn’t loop them properly, so I am looking for a work-around. Check it out now (funk soul brother).

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