The Transient Programmer #5: The Last Day, FREE BEER Revisited

OK, so this happens to be the last day I will spend as a transient” programmer. By 7:30 tomorrow I will finally have another house to move-into. However, tonight has been pretty difficult. It’s 4:00 AM, and sleep is not coming easily. The hotel got old about 2 weeks ago. That is when my family started to notice little things that separate a hotel room from an actual home. First of all, no matter how they try to hide it, the hotel room is built on an unforgiving concrete slab. After a while you realize that, besides the decor and room separation, the actual building is one-step away from being a garage. Next is that aforementioned decor. I suppose if you are staying in a hotel for 1 or 2 nights, the decor is not really an issue. However, over 25 days it has time to sink-in. This room has the most offensive red and black striped carpet I have ever witnessed in any establishment. As well, the pictures on the walls, and furniture all match this color scheme with deadly accuracy. Honestly, it’s like a Freddie Krueger bachelor pad in here. As well, the low quality of the fixtures has become readily apparent with each passing day. The showers now dribble, the light sockets are falling our of the lamps, etc. It’s odd how we put up with these things though. If this was not a long-term stay, we would asked for another room weeks ago.

However, the one constant throughout the entire stay has been the FREE BEER. Nearly every night my wife and I have enjoyed a glass of FREE BEER. We have not gone over-board, and we have kept our consumption of the FREE BEER fairly low, but we still enjoy it. We may have stopped eating the food the hotel provides last week, but not the FREE BEER. The FREE BEER has never let us down. To that end, I have been developing a new game named FREE BEER to launch on the site. I’m not sure about the moral value of game where the main goal is to “capture” as much FREE BEER as you can before you run out of time, but while living in a hotel with fixtures that are falling apart, resting my feet on horror-movie carpet while trying to bide the time my 5th consecutive night of insomnia, it sure seems like a fun idea. My next transmission will be the Alpha version of the game.

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