8bitrocket Diatribe August 4, 2008

New Indie / Punk-Pop Music Clips!
I have had a little time weekend to go back through my collection of Acid and Magix loop libraries and create some new clips that you can use in your games. There are 14 new clips, and they have all been extracted from much longer songs I put together. In most cases, I have spit a song into 2 or 3 parts and made sure that each part will loop on it’s own, and have also tried to make sure that all of parts can be combined to make a longer song if necessary. This wasn’t always possible though. 13 of the clips are indie rock/power-pop/punk styles and one is an 80’s 8-bit sounding loop. They are all in the top NEW section on the music page.

New Game That Uses 8BITROCKET music clips.
I received an very cool email last week from Tony Fernando from Alaskagameworks.com. His new game makes use of three of our music clips. We will be adding a section to feature these games soon, but for now, his game can be played at New Grounds.

Short but sweet
I will have many more updates this week. I need to keep this one short as we are off to visit my new baby boy at the hospital. His mom has been driving there every 3 hours (or just staying over) to feed him and the schedule is very very difficult. Our new little son, Justin is doing very well, but the doctors won’t let him come home until they are 100% certain he will be ok. Hopefully this will make the schedule when he comes home seem easy by comparison.

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