Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up:August 18, 2008

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up:August 18, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This time we cover FlashGameLicense.com; How people are cheating and hacking Flash games; How to Pause and Resume a sound in AS3; How to implement A* in AS3; 6 new action games on Kongregate, and more.

Mr Sun has a great little article on why he loves Flashgamelicense.com so much (and things he would like to change). We at 8bitrocket wholeheartedly agree! As Mr Sun states, the 10% fee paid back to FlashGameLicense.com is NOT mandatory, but we encourage that all developers pay it. Services such as FGL need to make a profit to keep going. Along with Mochi and GameJacket, FGL has been a sincere friend to independent developers and deserves at least this commission.

I’m really not quite sure what point there is in CHEATING AT FLASH GAMES, but if you are interested in finding ways that your players might try to do so, check out the Cheat Engine. I would have loved to have this on the Atari ST when I actually had to pay for games and wanted to extend their life after I was done with them, but for free games? The kids these days…

While we are on the subject, here are a couple more sites and blogs that are helping people hack / cheat as Flash games: Keep your enemies close…
www.raymond.cc : how-to-cheat-and-hack-flash-based-games This one is over a year old.
www.ghacks.net : hack-flash-game-high-scores This one uses Tamper Data.

Gary Rosenzweig has a new tutorial (video) that shows how to pause and resume a sound in AS3. Gary is a true professional and I own both of his great books. His first book gave me the basic understanding to create Retro Blaster. I see a lot of copies of his games out on the sites. Some of them are hardly different than the examples in his book! Shame, shame!

The money-from-flash-games-sponsorships blog asks the questions, Monetizing Flash Games: What Kind of Developer Are You? The descriptions are number of choices are a little limited, but I like where they are going with this one…

gamedevresearch.com has issued the 2008 State of Game Development Survey. It’s over $2500 to purchase, but GameSetWatch.com has a copy and they give some of the interesting details in this post. There isn’t much Flash related here, but is a good read.

JOBE FRICKIN FLASHMASTER MAKAR finally makes it back to this round-up with an EXCELLENT article on A* Path finding! Nice to know you are still with us, Jobe! As always, Jobe comes through in a HUGE way.

FreelanceFlashGames.com gives us some good advice on How To Email A Sponsor. One comment says that FGL is making this direct contact redundant, but I don’t agree completely. FGL is AWESOME, but making your own relationships with sponsors can get you better payments and custom work.

Some Fresh Kill From Kongregate.com (action games)
Supea Flash Asteroids 2 – Not a bad little Asteroids game.
Summoner Saga 1 – Reminds me of Adventure Quest.
Rapunzels Escape – Cool 2d platformer / adventure (Made with Director).
Bobo Popo – The classic Clown and Balloons gets a fresh coat of paint. nice music and game play touches.
Rey’s Quest 5 – Rey get’s a 5th mission, hilarity ensues!
Rocks Miner – Fun little action puzzler.

As always, check out Flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose.

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