Atari: The Golden Years A History, 1978-1981 Update #2


I reported on Thursday that my second article on Atari History launched on Gamasutra:
Atari: The Golden Years A History, 1978-1981 , and then I updated with the news that it had hot the front page of SlashDot (

Today I noticed that it has been picked-up by Kotaku.  They had something very nice and insightful to say about the article:

It’s stuffed with quotes, so the length isn’t simply ‘and then … and then … and then ….'”.  I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it just so happens to be the one major thing i was trying to do with the article.  I did not want a long diatribe of my own personal prose vomited on the page with no outside perspective.  I’m so very happy they like the approach.

Th story has also been picked-up by: Techmeme , ConsoleCity , Wildest Ride In The Wilderness, Propeller , GamePad , GLinkster , Boing Boing Gadgets , GiantRoBeast and a few others.

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