New RSS Feeds And Updates + RSS Validator!

I’ve been working for the past week to upgrade our RSS Feeds to be compatible more modern technologies.  The main feed ( is now more compatible with RSS 2.0 and Atom, and now displays a proper description for each blog entry.

Also, I have added new “Category” specific feeds.  These are now located next to the “Category” listing in the header of each blog post and on the right of the Blog listings page.  These feeds allow you to subscribe to specific types of content (i.e Podcasts:, Tutorials:

We will have another update later this week that adds “itunes” tags for the podcasts.  This actually turned-out to be a bit harder than I thought.  I found a great site named that will tell you everything that is wrong with your RSS/Atom feed.   For some reason, my feed was not forming the itunes tags correctly.  I’m sure i’ll get it worked out, but I’m happy to have found a good way to validate my new RSS code.

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