GameStorm! Podcast #8: Halloween GameStorm!

Sorry this podcast was a few days late.  This weekend was filled with so much family(kid’s birthday, soccer games)  and personal stuff (high school reunion), it was difficult to get this one edited and out the door .

This week we have a session about creating viral games specifically for holidays.  since Halloween is coming up, we focus on that, but really, the discussion could be about any holiday.  The question is: Should you make holiday themed viral games? If so, what should you make? We try to answer this one.  Plus some news and other stuff.

Today’s podcast is bumpered by the song “Ballad Of Buffalo Love Machine”, the missing theme song from our 1989 ultra-indie movie of the same name.  This song was created by me, Jeff,and Ian Legler in about 2000.

Youcan download the podcast here:

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