Making Games: Jack’s Beach Blitz Part 3

Making Games: Jack’s Beach Blitz Part 3

I have changed the name of my game from Pumpkin Man Beach Blitz to Jack’s beach blitz. Although the original name of the character in Pumpkin Man was Percy, I think Jack (for Jack-O-Lantern) is a better fit and much more catchy. I have been working very hard this week in my limited spare to get the original to do list taken care of and add in more items as they come up.

1. Gun upgrade path and messaging
I created a new sprite sheet and 10 levels of gun upgrades, but I need to go back and re-color the missiles as yellow on a sandy beach looks like crap (what was I thinking?). (50% complete).

2. Missile hitting walls and explosion
I haven’t even started this yet, but the code for hitting the missile generators in done, so this should be easy. (50% complete)

3. Finish level by rescuing the princess

4. Can destroy enemy generators (but a bug exists)
Done, but this has added in a new bug because I am basically laying new code on top of old and have created some problems for myself. In the original game, the enemy are part of a farm and they regenerate after they are eaten. They regenerate right away and are assigned to start at a location of one of the enemy generators. I fix one nagging bug that occurred when the the final enemy generator was destroyed. If any enemy were in Limbo, not started, but assigned to that Generator (the last one) they would remain in place, invisible, and un-killable until the player died and the farm was refreshed. That has been fixed. But a bug now exists when more than one enemy generator is on the screen, but enemy are waiting in limbo on a tile that used to be a generator (it was destroyed while they were in limbo). The reason this exists is because I have only put in code to fix the problem if there are no generators left. When more than one generator is present, this code will cause more problems…drawing board, meet Jeff. (50% complete)

5. Enemy generator health bar
Complete, but need explosion when generator is destroyed and intermediate explosions when they are hit. (50% complete)

6. Can’t shoot enemy until they start moving

7. Change bonus needed and all other lever amount indicators
(Not started)

8. New instructions
(Not started).

9. New layout – get rid of timers, and put in ammo count and gun level.
No Gun Level indicator is needed. (Complete)

10. Use Bratney “Safe Timer” for when “KILL” has been collected.
Not started, but this is an easy code swap. Most of this code exists already, just need to assign it to a new power up. (50% complete)

11. Re-do power-ups
(50% complete)

12. Make new levels
Not done. Mari is providing me with s steady stream of nice 8bit style tiles, I just need to implement them all properly. I currently have 1 level that has EVERY tile on it for testing. I will be slowly introducing the tiles and power-ups to give the game more variety. (10% complete)

13. Update the enemy and missile pool code
(Not started – may not do it this time)

14. Add in advanced game timer
Done, but when I used updateAfterEvent and a frame rate greater than 40, ONLY ON THE MAC, the Flash player (not in the browser) times out. I have commented out the updates line, but it will go back in some time.
(90% complete)

15. Explosion object pool
(Not started – may not be implemented for this version)

16. NEW Allow the player character to move against walls.
Many games have this bug and I set out to fix it. The player has a speed that starts at 4 pixels every movement frame. When he is close to a wall, he cannot move all the way up against it if there are fewer than 4 pixels between him and the wall. That is LAME ass, lazy coding. I went in and fixed it so he will inch up to the wall 1 pixel at a time when this occurs. It seems to work well. (Complete)

17. NEW When I added in my 2 extra look-ahead points (so not just the center of the main character was used to collision detection, but also two end points on each side in the direction he is facing) I introduced a new bug that fired off an exception when even the player went through a warp tunnel to the other side of the play field. I found that I had not accounted for the two new look-ahead points when I re-position the main character on the other side of the screen. I fixed this (Complete).

18. NEW Sound fax and music
I have a new tune that I originally gave to Richard Davy for his latest game. He didn’t use it, but I feel it is very cool and want to use it in this game. I also need to re-record warnings and pick new fax (as well as add in some of both) for this version of the game. – (50% complete)

19. NEW Add in tar that needs to be washed off
In Barney, I had a power-down (if you will) that occurred when her babies attached to her and slowed her down. She had to find money to pay the baby sitter and then the babies disappeared. Mari provided me with an animated tile of tar for the main character to step in and a shower that is used to wash it off. I have implemented both and added my own animation of tar dripping off of Jack as he moves around before it gets washed off. (done)

20. NEW New title screen, credits, more games design, and screen design
This is a Biggie, as I am not much of an artist and I can’t keep asking Mari to do every little thing for me (there is no way I can pay her enough already). I want something cool for this. I am going to have to strap an oxygen mask to the right side of my brain to get those juices flowing… (10% Complete)

21. NEW Key listeners bugs
When I implemented my new key listeners, some how the Paused screen will no longer respond to key events. I need to look into this one. – (50% complete

22. New bitmap data fx and transitions.
I want to add in some cool fx like matrix bending of the play field or special warp modes. This may not happen in time (Not started)

Well, that’s the list so far, I am sure it will grow / shrink over the next week. I hope to have at least some of this list pared down by Monday.

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