6 new music clips added to the 8bitrocket royalty free music library

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6 new
music clips added to the 8bitrocket royalty free music library

I spent the only fee time I had this Saturday creating 6 new music
clips for our royalty free music library.
The 11KHZ mono versions of these are free to use in commercial games
and applications if attribution is provided. 44khz stereo
versions are available for unlimited and single use (no attribution
needed)  for a small fee ($9.99 single use, $19.99 unlimited
use).  No reselling of the music clips directly is allowed
under any circumstances. We have had quite a few games make use of the
our music clips over the last few months, so we are happy to provide
more for anyone who needs them. All of the clips can loop repeatedly,
or be used as one-off’s. The looping on this page is done with DHTML
with doesn’t provide a seamless looping capability. Add them to a flash
project and you will be able to loop with out a break at the end. (they
can all tested below)

Rock 4

Designed to have a BIG melodic sound behind a pretty funky bass line
(if you can catch it).  There is a little U2 influence in
there as well as later era Slade, and maybe The Alarm and Big Country.
The 11kHz versions sounds good because I took the levels down to
prevent clipping, but the 44kHz stereo version blows the doors off.

Ass Rock 1

directly on top of Ambient Rock 4, Kickass Rock 1 employs a couple
guitar loops to provide the KICK-ASS ness. The rhythm loop goes through
out, and the kickassness is provided by a solo loop that cuts in about
1/2 way in.  I think it sounds A LOT like 80’s Slade. They
seem to have a big influence on my clips this time around. I especially
like the little drum fill added between parts.

Piano 1

The Blues Brothers was on this weekend (in DVD format) , and it
inspired me to put together this pretty standard 3 part piano
progression that loops seamlessly.  I added in a 4×4 set of
drum loops and a non-standard rock bass line to give is a little gritty
sound.  It builds up in the first 4 bars, then spends 2 bars
on a bridge and then a cut out. Each of the 3 parts can be clipped out
and used separately if needed.

Rock 3

The first clip I worked on today.  It is meant to loop
repeatedly inside a puzzle style game.  It employs couple
layered acoustic guitars over a simple beat and bass combo.

Rock 30

This is meant to repeat over and over  to provide an early
90’s Nirvana style electro-acoustic bass heavy sound. The drums and
bass are in sync with no fills (mostly bass drum).

Start 1

This is a rock piece that can loop, but is meant to begin and cut out
over a menu screen, game level start or other situation where the music
is not needed during the entire game section. It employs some a heavy
synth sweep that lowers in volume near the end, a heavy simple
synthesized beat,  and a synth
bell pad.

Check out the entire 8bitrocket music clip library.

var aNewclip1123 = new Array();
aNewclip1123.push({name:”Ambient Rock 4″,url:”ambientrock4_11k.wav”});
aNewclip1123.push({name:”Kick Ass Rock 1″,url:”rock_kickass1_11k.wav”});
aNewclip1123.push({name:”Blues Piano 1″,url:”BluesPiano1_11k.wav”});
aNewclip1123.push({name:”Ambient Rock 3″,url:”ambientrock3_11k.wav”});
aNewclip1123.push({name:”Alt Rock 30″,url:”altrock30_11k.wav”});
aNewclip1123.push({name:”Atmospheric Start 1″,url:”atmosstart1_11k.wav”});
var aNewclip = new Array();
for (var i=0;i<aNewclip1123.length;i++) {


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