I Literally Have Nothing To Post Right Now…

I find myself at a complete loss today because I have nothing useful to post .I have is tons of stuff 2/3, 1/2, 1/4 finished, but nothing that is ready to go.   Here is a list of what I’m currently working on for the 8bitrocket.com:

1. Brand New Design.  We have a brand new design with better content organization, better contrasting colors, etc.  It’s about 9/10 finished.

2. Buyer’s Guides:  I found a cool Amazon tool that lets you create stores and embed them into your site.  I’ve been working on a buyer’s guide blogs that describe all of our favorite stuff.  Still not done.  1/4 finished.

3. Atari Nerd Christmas 1986: A self indulgent story about getting an Atari 7800 for Christmas 1986.  As always, there are memories to be shared, and, and lessons to be learned.  1/2 finished

4. Atari Nerd Podcast #2: In the can, but not edited yet.   2/3 finished.

5. Fireworks Blast Challenge and Free Beer Flash games: Both 8/10 finished.

There is much more to, but who cares. It will probably all remain unfinished for some time.

Steve, signing out.

Oh yeah, PS: Why is it that while out Alexa ranking falls (good) so does our Technorati ranking (bad). Is it because people read these blogs but never link to them from their own web sites?

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