8bitrocket.com Launches Retro Flash Game Hall Of Fame

8bitrocket.com Launches Retro Flash Game Hall Of Fame

8bitrocket.com Retro Hall Of Fame AwardToday we launch our newest feature: The 8bitrocket.com The Retro Flash Game Hall Of Fame. We here at 8bitrocket.com love to find and play great retro-inspired Flash games. As we build-out our “Next Generation Retro Game Portal” we wanted to make sure that we did not leave any great games under the pile as we add new games to the site. Because of this, we decided to create a “Hall Of Fame” to highlight the best games in this genre. We start today by
inducting 5 games into the Hall Of Fame. These are 5 Games that we feel are the best examples of
inspired games made in Flash. 

8bitrocket.com Retro Star AwardOf course, there are many others games that are good enough for this list, and many of them will make it into the hall of fame in due time. However we cannot induct every game. That is why we have created the “Retro Stars” award. Any game that makes it onto our site is instantly a “Retro Star”. The designation means that we have chosen the game out of piles and piles of games that come across our desks, as one of the best retro inspired games that currently exists in the realm of viral Flash games.

So without further ado, and in no certain order, here are five inaugural inductees into the 8bitrocket.com Retro Flash Game Hall Of Fame:

MagmaMagma : Magma is an exceptional Bomberman inspired game from Red Rooster Games. While this is a very nicely made game with crisp visual and solid game-play, we have inducted it into out Hall Of Fame for this reason: It gets more plays than any other game on our portal! For this reason alone it deserves it’s place in our pantheon of greats.


Sky Patrol is an amazingly fun action shooter by the Edis Brothers who run ezone.com . These guys make tons of great games, but in our opinion, this is one of the best. The game is a 16-bit graphical era take on Konami’s Time Pilot. The controls are smooth, the explosions are satisfying, and the game play is awesomely addictive. Plus, since Time Pilot
is one of our all-time favorite games, this one was a shoe-in.

Gamma Bros. Gamma Bros. from Pixel Jam is one of the finest examples of 8-bit pixel design used to create a compelling and deep game experience. The unique game play involves controlling both Gamma Bros. ships at the same time, while using two sets on controls: WASD to fire and the <- arrow keys-> to move. This game simply screams for an arcade cabinet with dual Robotron joysticks (we can only dream). The graphics are very Minter-esque with a bit of Atari 8-bit Synapse (Fort Apocalypse, Zepplin) thrown-in for good measure. In all honestly, we at 8bitrocket.com bow to the pixelated majesty of Pixel Jam’s creation. To us, they represent the top of the heap in pixel
art game design.

from Photon Storm is a fantastic
re-creation of an Atari ST Public Domain classic. Photon Storm has emerged (in
one year) are a premier developer of retro and modern Flash games. This retro
classic puzzler with modern clean graphics, top notch level design, and
wonderfully designed interface will have you gaming well into the night to
figure out the key to all 50 levels. You can even put in the “8bitrocket” level
start code for an ST/AMIGA demo style visual treat. Flattering will get you some
where in the 8bitrocket arcade!

Law Of The WestLaw Of The West Pinball
from Gaming Your Way
is of  of the best examples of late 80’s, early 90’s video pinball ever put
into Flash form. It doesn’t hurt that we are Old West-ophiles here at
8bitrocket, having been brought up on a steady diet of Clint Eastwood in our
youth. That, combined with our fascination with video pinball in the 90’s
(before there was anything else retro to play) makes it a perfect game for our
first five inductees. This title features pinball action on a vertically and
horizontally scrolling playfield which allows the table and ball size to look
realistic and play just like a real table.

That’s it for the first set of Hall of Fame inductees. Please email us at
info[at]8bitrocket[dot]com if you have a game that you would like considered for
the Arcade (Retro Star
award) and maybe for a Hall of Fame award in the future. 

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