8bitrocket Micro Chip Maze Game Engine released

8bitrocket Micro Chip Maze Game Engine released

The Micro Chip Maze engine is an xml and tile sheet based pacman style game engine that can easily be re-configured and re-skinned for any site, brand or other use.  It has been built in AS3 using the latest bitmapdata techniques, so the engine can handle 100s on moving objects on the screen.

Check out the Micro Chip Maze Game Engine page.


The Micro Chip Maze Engine is a tile-based pacman style game engine written in AS3. It contains a number of game play enhancements over the original classic game. The engine was created to allow deployment as a single .swf file. For that reason, all assets are either embedded into the .fla file or are  inside class wrapper files. 
95% of the Engine can be configured by changing class files and the tiles png outside the .fla file. There are a few minor changes that need to be made to the .fla file.  The png file will need to be reimported into the .fla before it can be used.

Basic Game Features

  • Create an unlimited number of levels
  • Once all levels are complete, they repeat on HARD level with everything speeded up
  • One all levels are complete on HARD, they repeat indefinitely in INSANE mode.
  • The maze is on a 15×15 grid.
  • All game graphics come from a tile sheet consisting of 32×32 tiles
  • The entire game rendering is done on to a single BitmapData canvas. This allows for 100’s of moving objects with AI (if needed).
  • Allows for unlimited variations on the 5 basic power ups ‘ Attack (like Pac Man power pills), Freeze (freeze the enemy), Kill (kill all on screen enemy), protect (player is safe from harm for a limited amount of time), and Bonus X (adds  the the players bonus multiplier).  You can create multiple versions of each power up to make them not as effective at high levels, etc.
  • Freeze and Protect power ups have timers associated with them. Time added to these is cumulative. This can make for some interesting levels designs.
  • Allows for an unlimited number of different enemy types. They are differentiated by an AI intelligence value, movement speed, and animation frames applied.
  • The player earns bonus for killing enemy without dying, and from collecting power-ups. The Bonus timer will give the player bonus points for all time left after the level is complete. The Bonus multiplier will be multiplied to all of these bonus values and if the player earns enough bonus (set by game designer in level xml data), then the play earns an extra man.
  • All game settings are edited by game designer via XML and compiled into final game with class wrappers around the xml. This allows you to create a single file game that is easily portable and uploaded to portals, etc.

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