Flashgamedistribution.com in Beta

I just wanted to give a shout out to our friends over at Flashgamelicense.com, who have created yet another arm of their casual Flash game empire with Flashgamedistribution.com. Currently you can sign up for the beta, and your account will be linked to your Flashgamelicense account (if you have one). I’m not sure how many people they are letting into the beta, but it doesn’t hurt to show up and ask if you can join.


I browsed around a little this morning an I am quite impressed. First off, I received an email from them with 20 new games that I can add all at once to our arcade (not likely as we are picky baasstards!) or I can sift through them, looking for retro gems (did that).

Besides being able to add your games to this distribution list (and to the site of course), you can also download and install their “portal in a box” offering that will instantly give you a portal built with their distributed games.

Very very cool.

Nice work, guys.

By the way, check out the FGL home page for some cool information on the amount of deals they made last month and other goodies. It shows what hard work can accomplish in a grass roots industry!

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